July 3, 2014

Untitled photo

I have been playing with several blog platforms, but none has completely satisfied me: Wordpress, it's good, but it costs extra to implement a custom URL, which basically means I am stuck at the ugly domain; 4ormat, my portfolio site, allows only 1000 images. 1000 images is a lot, but I just don't feel like being restricted and calculating how many image slots I have left all the time. Hence, I will be trying smugmug this time and hopefully I can settle here.

The title of this image is called Peeling. As you can see, it's literally about peeling. Peeling could be a painful feeling. Imagine what was once there slowly peels off your skin, little by little, layer by layer. It hurts, but unlike death, it wouldn't stop. It's agony. It's torture.

I really like this image because it sickens me. How can I provoke the feeling of agony if I don't feel the agony myself, as the creator of the image? My art these days is getting darker and darker. My head is loaded with so many dark imagery and inspirations that I just feel the urge of turning them into reality.

For those of you who are interested in lighting: two gridded stripbox as split light. One giant beauty dish at Rembranbt position. One gridded small beauty dish from above and behind as accent.

I would like to thank my model Julien Desmond (Model Mayhem 3384167). Great dancer. I photographed him in a studio in East York, and he gave me so many great poses that I can use it all sorts of personal projects. 

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