A Portrait of My Mother

July 6, 2014

Untitled photo

I did this portrait for my mother yesterday.

Over the time, photography has grown more and more personal to me. To me, photography is about creating a piece of art work, a work that you can print large and hang it on your wall; it's about creating my vision, materialize my artistry.

I don't think I would ever become a wedding photographer, or a photojournalist, or any genre in that documentary nature. I do appreciate great documentary photographer, their sharp eyes of capturing the precise moment, and the master work they produce. However, for me, I would much rather stay in my studio, or in a beautiful location of my choice, have the time to pose my subject, take the time to produce one photograph, and polish it in photoshop.

I have grown very fond of the soft, eerie, painterly look. I like ethereality. I find myself pay less and less attention on lighting and all the other technical stuff. Technicality is important, and I can go back to be very technical if I need to, but sometimes too much lighting can be an overkill. I find unless I need to be very specific with what I want my viewers to see in a picture, I really don't need to go over the top with lighting.

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