A Small Commercial Photoshoot

July 24, 2014

Untitled photo

I did a small commercial photoshoot yesterday featuring a start-up at University of Toronto, OTI lumionics. I was told to capture a range of different photos, including their office, the equipment, the produce, people working, people talking, etc, in an hour and a half, the day before the photoshoot, which sounded like quite a stressful job. However, it actually turned out to be less stressful than I thought when I got into the photoshoot because I went easy on myself. Simple lighting, simple setup, just snap shot.

What I really don't like is that their office is illuminated by bright fluorescent light mixed with natural light from large windows. Strong color cast in every single corner of the room. The only thing I could do was to overpower both with my flash. Obviously my flash guns are not powerful enough to completely overpower both; there was still color cast in the shadow area. As well I could have brought with me flags to control the flash better. However, given all the constraint, I think I did good enough. 

Lighting info: key light is a ceiling bounce. The flash was mounted on a light stand and raised as high as possible in an attempt to control the bounced light. I really need to use a flag next time. Rim light was a flash in Westcott Apollo Strip.

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