Real Estate Photography... Kind Of

July 29, 2014

Untitled photo

I guess I can call my self a real estate photographer now... kind of. My cousin wanted to rent out her unit and she needed some good photos, so she asked me for help. I shot some photos of her unit and the common amenity in her building last Friday. I had no experience in photographing this genre, and I honestly didn't know whether my photos are up to the standard of other commercial real estate photography. My cousin liked my photos. I guess that was a relief. I do wish I used a tilt-shift lens instead of a normal wide angle. 

On the other hand, I really love her condo unit. The ceiling was around 16 ft high (I don't remember the exact number). It would work perfect as a studio. It would be so lovely if I could live in a place like that. I would never need to rent other people's studio space for photoshoot anymore. Just as a side note, I was looking for a studio that was equipped with posing cube. I found none. I lowered my standard and was looking for studio with square or rectangular coffee table for posing, and I found again, none. It was really frustrating. It was difficult to imagine that most Toronto photographers don't equipment with those in their studio. Oh well, I need to work towards to owning my own studio/pseudo studio space, and I will for sure stuff it with all the equipment/props I need.

  • Michael CHai

    on October 17, 2014

    Condo w/ 16' ceiling.. Gotta be jokin'..

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