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The Wanderer

When we think about an urban setting, we immediately think of the term “concrete jungle”. Brutalism architecture, initially prevailed during post-industrial era, is the pinnacle of a “concrete jungle”. They left a permanent mark in the society. Till this day, we can still feel their influence. Soaked in the large concrete panels is the old-school wonder in civil engineering during a time when buildings were designed without the aid of powerful computers. The buildings themselves are heavy, monolithic, and often present a monumental quality.

The wanderer is a fashion tale inspired by what the millennial, me included, nowadays faces: the harsh transition from school to work force, the stress and financial burdens, the desire to be famous on social media, but the suffering from loneliness in the real world. The story sets in the heart of one brutalism building, in which the large concrete panels form a maze-like setting that traps the protagonist, keep him wandering. In a space that once inspired the baby-boomer generation, the younger generation is shadowed, confused and from time to time lost, but eventually we will find our way, and we will find our place.

Published in Promo Magazine

Photographer: William Ye

Model: Pawel Rzeznik

Stylist: Mason Lyle

MUA: Rachel Jones

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